Early Work

1982 – 1977

France’s chosen medium became printmaking. That, however, was not where she started. To quote and paraphrase her from her monograph, A Lasting Passion:

“As a teenager, I discovered oil painting via my mum. Later, while living in Montreal pursuing my studies in translation and linguistics in the 1970s, I became attracted by batik and silk painting. This was pivotal for me artistically as through it I discovered the world of transparency and extreme subtleties of colour. I then participated in specialist classes for two years in a row in France on Ile-de-Port-Cros in the Mediterranean. It was in the early 1980s that I really discovered printmaking. This, coupled with my discoveries in batik and silk painting, gave me my core technical artistic focus.”

In this present gallery is a small selection from France’s early work in batik and mixed media sculpture.